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What We Do



 "We are here to help you...

connect with coastside families. with friends in your neighborhood.
   ...share parenting resources and support. local activities and education.
     ...give back to the community."

                       - Corrine Bucher,
                                         Former President




Below is a sampling of the many things the Coastside Mothers' Club does or has to offer.  Click on the hyperlinks to get more information about each item.  Note: Some items may require member login. 

  • Activities and Classes  
    • Review a list of nearby, child-friendly destinations or classes.

  • Babysitting Coop
    • Swap babysitting time for points rather than dollars.

  • Board Members
    • Join the Board Members and help shape the club. 

  • Committees
  • Community Connection
    • Take part in community outreach initiatives such as toy, backpack, and diaper drives.  See our Interests page to join. 

  • Education & Childcare
    • Find information about childcare, preschools and kindergartens. 

  • Fundraising
    • Support fundraising drives like the clothing swap and Sandy Feet Festival.

  • Forums 
    • Chat with other members via our forums.  These email groupings have been set up for playgroups, committees, interest groups, classifieds, CMC Chat and others. 

  • In-a-Pinch
    • Volunteer to make a meal for a new mom. See our Interests page to sign up. 

  • Local Discounts
    • Local businesses offer member discounts.

  • Newsletters & Member Articles
    • Read our monthly newsletter which is filled with information on events and ways to simplify and nurture a family life.

  • Photos
    •  View photos of members and their children at our CMC events. 

  • Playgroups
    • Socialize with other moms while your children build new friendships. Our playgroups are the heart and soul of our club so join one today by signing up on our Interests page. 

  • Press Releases
    • Read Press Releases on current public events. 

  • Recipes
    • Borrow mom-tested recipes. 

  • Socials Events for Kids
    • Participate in numerous events centered on entertaining or educating your children, like pumpkin patch parties or touring of the harbor, firehouse, police station or local farms, oceans or playgrounds.  Seecalendar for upcoming events.

  • Social Events for Moms & Couples
    • Bond with moms on nights that are just for you or get a sitter and join other couples for fun-filled date nights.  See calendar for upcoming events.

  • Speakers 
    • Attend a speaker event on topics about health, safety and nutrition. See calendar for upcoming events.

  • Special Interest Groups
    • Meet other club members who have joined together to create a variety of social groups like Moms of Multiples, Single Parents and the Wine Club.  See our Interests page to join.
  • Working Moms
    • We also have special events targeted for Working Moms.  See calendar for upcoming events.

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